President's Message - September 2018

Dear Colleagues,

I hope this new year is filled with the excitement and energy we often experience at the start of each school year.  Your jobs are particularly important because you play a critical role in ensuring staff are hired to lead, teach and support Connecticut’s students.  I’ve heard from some of you and am aware that this past summer was no different than others wherein you were tasked with finding and hiring teachers to fill your open positions, many of them positions that are often hard to fill. Not to mention all the last minute resignations that probably sent you into a tailspin.  Despite whatever difficulties you experienced in this process, I hope you are proud of the work you have done to help your school system in the recruiting and hiring of staff.

The executive board has worked to arrange a wide array of topics and speakers this year based on your suggestions at our last business meeting. We hope these meetings will support the work you are doing. We will continue to collaborate with the State Department of Education, law firms that specialize in education laws, the State Department of Children and Families, the Teachers Retirement Fund, and of course, you.  We will vary our speakers and hope you will join us for all of our meetings and bring others who either work in Human Resources (HR), Talent Development or whose roles impact HR. We are sure, there will be much to learn and share.

Our executive board this year includes Colin McNamara -Vice President (South Windsor), Christine Flynn -secretary (Rocky Hill), Carole Panozzo -Treasurer (Shelton), Christopher Wethje (East Hartford), Don Winnicki (North Branford), Regina Terrell -Region 3 Representative for AASPA (CREC), Terrell Hill (Windsor), Shuana Tucker (New Britain), Nancy Sudhoff (ACES) and I.  Please feel free to reach out to any of us with any questions or concerns.

Colin McNamara, Don Winnicki and Nancy Sudhoff are working with our website manager to update our website and make it more user friendly. We ask your patience as this is a work in progress. Until then, if you are having difficulty with registering for our meetings or updating your membership, please email Nancy Sudhoff at<><<>><<><<>>>.  Thank you and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Claudette J. Beamon